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Our service are value-added tools to help your business
grow, generate sales and success!


JustSimple offers consultations for business's interested in social media management - or interested in taking advantage of specialized social media tools such as Facebook applications, custom Facebook pages, advertising on social media, YouTube videos, customized blogs, and more.

Assist you in utilising the power of Social Media

We develop Social Media Initiative and Marketing to your exact requirements and ensure that we effectively reach and communicate with your ideal audience.

    1. Facebook Fan Page for business - as lead generation tools
    2. YouTube as a targeted lead source & video search engine
    3. Use Twitter as a sales acquisition tool and customer feed back loop
    4. Leveraging LinkedIn for more clients & sales
    5. Blogging to build credibility and Search Engine Optimization Tool


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Our professionals can be dedicated to your account or shared on hourly basis depending on your Social Media campaign needs and the goals of your brand reputation online.

If you are interested in improving your websites better in social networks today, please contact us for further information about social media and we’ll get back to you.