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You can now whitelabel and resell JustSimple ® CMS to your clients.
Brand the CMS with your own logo, colors, and a custom domain.


Powerful White Label CMS - Offer your own full-scale CMS as part of your websites!

CMS - User Features

- Easy to use - No learning curve.
- Browser-based Administration Panel.
- Powerful, modular with fully featured WYSIWYG editor.
- Comes with Professional and Sleek Design Templates.
- Up to 18 CMS modules, including Store, Membership, Password Protected Page, etc.
- Multi-language Support.
- Built-in free tools like Email Newsletter, Widgets and Site Analytics.
- SEO Optimized. Search Engine Friendly Pages. Per-Page Optimization.
- Support Google Site Map, Google Maps & Google Analytic .


Reseller Features

- Reseller/Web Designer control panel:
   - Manage Multiple Sites
   - Manage client login information, module permissions
   - Manage system branding and colors.
   - Comprehensive reporting on user activity.
- Custom domain name support (http://cms.yourdomain.com) .
- Comprehensive online CMS User Guide in your brand (fully customisable) .
- Set your package with different type of CMS module and features.
- Set your own pricing level with significant markup potential.


Great Revenue Potential. Be a Distributor & Recruit 2nd Level Reseller!

- You can sell this product at the price you want and retain 100% of profits.
- We allow you to hire resellers under you and retain 100% of profits you make from them.



- You don't have to install CMS, and don't have to configure any databases.
- CMS lives on our servers, and remotely connects to yourclient website for easy editing.
- No maintenance - JustSimple maintains the service.
- On-Demand system - 100% run and maintained for you.
- Fits seamlessly with your client website.
- Easy to use - No user learning curve.
- Automatic upgrades - your users will always be using the latest version.
- Fully supported - No learning curve for your staff.
- Easy to implement on your client websites - modular, minor coding required.
- No need to change web hosting provider - any provider, no server installation.



- No setup cost. No investment on development, server and insfrastructure.
- Low cost website CMS solution, you control the end user price.
- Generate a recurring annual revenue stream from your customers.



Free Trial. Request your free trial CMS System with your Brand Logo today!

JustSimple White Label CMS solution can be set up in a matter of minutes, contact us now, for immediate access to a full own branded system, configured to your corporate image. Trial includes CMS control panel and test website, no strings attached and no commitment.